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Anonymous asked:

you reblogged a seal with a caption describing it as a sea otter and you run a marine bio blog?! Please just leave the internet forever

Apologies to anyone who is now unsure of what a seal is due to my heinous reblogging of misinformation. I will do some nice seal posts for you in due course to clear up the confusion.

anon, please read on.

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This is a sea otter with hiccups.  

You’re welcome.

A SEA OTTER? Are you fucking joking?!

nah man, sea otters are awesome. they look like regular seals. but they’re actually filed with thousands of tiny otters, intent on taking over the ocean and then destroying all land-based creatures. They’re prone to the occasional hiccup.

(srsly tho jake from statefarm might not know much about sea mammals, but he might know a lot about quarks and bosons, and that’s cool)




Velvet worms arent actual worms.. They are invertebrates from phylum Onychophora. Velvet worms come in different colors, and they spit slime to hunt their prey.

i feel like velvet worms are just like these colorful sock creatures and I want to have a bath tub full of them

It’s always worth mentioning that these are believed to be the last modern survivors of the group that contained Anomalocaris.

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