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You see pictures of Great whites breaching all the time. But they are not the only shark that breaches you know.

Here are some awesome pictures of the Basking shark breaching. A rare sight!

This is great… but there really needs to be attribution to the photographers!

First photograph — Anthony Robson

Second photograph — Wild Light Photography

Third photograph — Susan Brigden/Explore Mull

Fourth photograph — Stiofan O’Connor/Pelagic Shark Research Foundation


3D Camo

Those things growing out of this giant Australian cuttlefish (Sepia apama) are its skin papillae. It can extend and retract its papillae at will, helping it alter its texture to better blend in with its surroundings.

Both papillae expression and color change are controlled by visual, not tactile, cues. This means that these guys don’t need to actually touch anything to decide on their camouflage strategy.

Just by looking, they are clever enough to decide what sort of color, pattern, and texture is needed to virtually disappear. 

video source: Roger Hanlon on Youtube

reference: Allen et al. 2009.

                 Hanlon. 2007.

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